Apocryphal (2023)
Plagued by his past and crippling drug addiction, a man struggles to recall
an unbelievable set of events during a police interrogation
Two detectives interrogate the lead
Two detectives interrogate the lead
Our main characters' drug den
Our main characters' drug den
Morning hangover
Morning hangover
Visitors appear
Visitors appear
A heartfelt moment
A heartfelt moment
GhostBlusters (2024)
Who ya gonna call? Not this Ghostbuster.
Momo (2023)
A mysterious crate delivery proves too much to handle...
Ignite (2023)
An insurance blaze backfires, causing a haunting bent on revenge.
It's No Joke! (2023)
Investigative journalist Daryl Biggersby exposes the hidden truths in the world of clowns.
POP! (2023)
When Rosa rehomes some pop-art, something with dark intentions moves in too.
Webcam (2020)
A viral video has a strange effect on its viewers.
Shift (2020)
In this supernatural ice rink thriller, 
a night shift security guard discovers he's not alone.
Super Mix (2019)
A two hour feature set in a post-apocalyptic world, 
where morality is tested and a harsh environment has formed demented madmen. 
Exploring themes of mental illness and equality, two strangers - a mute, and a man fleeing his past -
 search for a haven called 'Eve.'
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